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University News
Reconfirmation for IABU Conference and Mass Blessings for Peace
Date11/09/2008   Counter : 11375 time
The Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Dhramakosajarn, IABU Chairman said that in this event: 2000 participants from 29 countries worldwide would attend. In this conference all rectors, presidents, and heads of departments will sign a MoU for exchange of academics, lecturers, and students. MCU itself will sign a MoU with international universities from Hungary which needs assistance from MCU to open a Ph.D. level program. Simultaneously, the International Academic Symposium on Buddhism and Ethics and a meeting for the International Organizing Committee for the UN Day of Vesak Celebrations in 2009 will occur. Also His Holiness Somdet Phra Buddhacharya, President of the Executive Committee for the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand would preside over the IABU Conference.

The Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Dhramakosajarn, Rector of MCU added that this event involving Buddhism and Ethics by all Buddhist rectors, leaders from 115 universities, colleges, departments of Buddhism, 29 countries – because many inquired and were concerned about the political situation in Thailand, they should be reassured of the situation and attend this event. Additionally, there will be a gathering for mass blessings and mass meditation for peace in Thailand. Thailand is a Buddhist country and recognized worldwide as the center of Buddhism - with violence spreading worldwide is therefore, proper for this mass blessing and chanting to be conducted to restore peace at 13.00 13 September, 2008 at the Ubosatha, Main Campus, Wang Noi, Sri Ayutthaya Province.

L-R: MCU Rector of Academic Affairs, Venerable Phramaha Dr. Somjin, Assistant Secretary of the IABU; Rector of MCU Most Venerable Dr. Phra Dharmakosajarn, Chairman of the IABU; and Executive Secretary of the IABU, Venerable Dr. Phra Dhammasami, Abbot of the Oxford Vihara.

source : information technology Division
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