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The Study of the Foreign Students’ Viewpoints Towards the Education in MCU ...Mr.Sakron Thorrathee and Phramaha Sakchai Kovido
A study of The Important Religious Sanctuary toward Ecotourism of Temples in Bangkok ...Assoc. Prof. Nilratana Klinchan,Asst. Prof. Dr.Prayoon Suyajai & Phramaha Noppadol Deethaisong
The E-Saan Dharma Character Recognition by Using Hidden Markov Models ...Mr.Nirandorn Lerdwiraphol and Mr.Surasak Tangsakul
A Study in Efficency for Using Library Services in MCU Phrae Campus ...Asst. Prof. Chaweewan Suwannapha and Others
The Efficiency of Teaching meditation Practice etc. ...Asst. Prof. Bancha Champarak ,Phramaha Champun papagaro & Phramaha Jinarak Vutitammo
A Study of Achievements of Language and Communication Learning by Problem-Based Learning/PBL. ...Assistant Professor Kriangsak Ploysaeng
Neo-Buddhist Movements in Thailand ...Phrabaidega Supot Tabaselo (Ketnakorn)
The Youth’s Attitude Toward The Monks etc. ...Dr. Phrakhru Sripariyattayaphiwat
An Application of Buddhathamma etc. ...Mr. Bunyawat Phangkum and Ms. Narumon Dongsang
A Buddhist Method of youth behavior modification etc. ...Assistant Professor. Kamphol Kongkaew
Efficiency of Buddhist Subjects Teaching etc. ...Mr.Somjit konwong ,Miss.Onanong Woowong and Assist Prof Chaweewan Suwannapha
A Critical Study of the Mahachat Sung-Sermon From Isaan ...Asst. Prof. Dr. Dipti Mahanta
A Study of Guidelines for Developing the Sangha’s Education ...
The Development of Research Information System for Buddhist Research ...Asst. Prof. Dr. Pracob Cooparat
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