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Principal Buddha Image Chediya at Wat Prayoon Won the Cultural Heritage Conservation Contest from UNESCO
Date13/09/2013   Counter : 3760 time

The Principal Buddha Image Chediya at Wat Prayoonrawongsavasvoraviharn won the winning award of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Contest, Regional level in 2556 from Unesco.  The Chairman of Judge disclosed that we are able to maintain the outstanding identity sacred place of Bangkok.

September 4, 2556, Education, Science and Cultural Organization of the United Nations (UNESCO) in Thailand informed that UNESCO has announced result of the contest on Cultural Heritage Conservation in Asia and Pacific Region Project, 2556, in order to give praise to people and organization of private sector or the Project of the Cooperation between Government and Private Sector in restoring building and construction which is the valuable heritage in Asia and Pacific Region.   In the year of 2556, there were 47 Projects from 16 Countries applied for this contest.  The result was that the Principal Buddha Image Chediya Conservation Project of Wat Prayoonrawongsavasvoraviharn, Bangkok of Thailand received “Award of Excellence”.  The reason was that there were restoration of the Relic Chediya and Parindhara Parien, the Dhamma Study Hall which reflected the technical understanding.  It also was the Conservation Project that build up the wareness of the value of the cultural heritage in its surrounding community.

            The second award called as “Award of Distinction” was given to The Great Serai of Kabul City, Islamic Republic of Afkanistan; Lal Chimney Compound of Bumbai City in Republic of India and Khaplu Palace of Gil Bukit Balti Place Special Administrative Region in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  The third Award called as “Award of Merit” was given to Maryborough Railway Station of Victoria State in Australia; Enjoying Snow Yard of Peijing in the Republic of China; Tai O Heritage Hotel of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the Republic of China; Royal Bombay Yacht Club Residential Chambers of Mumbai in the Republic of India; Otaki Town Hall of Otaki City in the Chiba Governing Region in Japan; and Duong Lam Village of Sonte Sub-district in Hanoi City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  The last Award called as “Award of Honourable Mention was given to Sail Maker’s Shed of Broome City in East Australia State of Australia and Lost Bomb Shelter of the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

            Mr. Tim Kertis, the Chairman of Judge Committee and the Head of Cultural Division of UNESCO in Thailand stated that this project has received broad interest.  There were many projects from countries in the prison Island in East Pacific including the countries in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Central Asia.  The Committee has considered to give “the Award of Excellence” to The Principal Buddha Image Chediya of Wat Prayoonrawongsavasvoraviharn, Thailand due to the restoration of this Chediya which has historical value.  And the Parindhara Parien, the Dhamma Study Hallhas been maintained as an outstanding identity sacred place of Bangkok including the religious faith and the challenge in engineering.

“Apart from this, this project has promoted the social wisdom development in Gadijeen area, the historical territory which has different culture.  It has shown the good understanding in the unique architectural style of the early Ratanakosin reign by supplementing strong internal structure whilst the external structure of Chediya has tilted aside.  There were also restoration which integrated with the scientific progress and the initial style of construction.  There were communications in ancient tradition and aesthetics of the past.  The exalted collaboration among monks, the scholars and the villagers is the witness of the last long relations of the temple and the community in preserving Buddhism to be as a center of spiritual gathering of the community until the present,” said the Chairman of Judge Committee.

            Thailand has sent projects of the Cultural Heritage Conservation in Asia and Pacific Region for the contest.  There were 9 projects have been received awards from the UNESCO, namely:  Wat Sathong Conservation Project of Banbua Village, Khonkhaen Province (Award of Merit in year 2545);  Original Palace Conservation Project, Bangkok (Award of Merit in year 2547);  Main Building of Teves Palace Conservation Project (Award of Honourable Mention in year 2548); Amphawa Community Conservation Project in Samutsongkram Province (Award of Honourable Mention in year 2551);  The Bureau of the Crown Property Conservation Project at Chachuensao Province (Award of Honourable Mention in year 2551);  Wat Pongsanuk Conservation Project at Lampang Province (Award of Merit in year 2551);  Samchuek Community Conservation Project at Supanburi Province (Award of Merit in year 2552);  Tipitaka Hall Conservation Project at Theptidaramvoraviharn, Bangkok (Award of Merit in year 2554) ;  Na Phra Lan Building Renovation Conservation Project, Bangkok (Award of Honourable Mention in year 2554); Principal Buddha Image Chediya Conservation Project of Wat Prayoonrawongsavasvoraviharn in year 2556 as Award of Excellence, the first project in Thailand.

Source:  Thairat Newspaper, 4 September, 2556

Research:  Sommai Supasit


source : International Relations Division
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