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Activities of research proposal writing
Date30/06/2008   Counter : 11242 time
In the morning at 9:00 AM, on June 23, 2551, Buddhist Research Institute, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University opens the training of personnel development project in the field of research course Research Proposals Writing Project at the Conference Hall of school building, MCU, Wangnoi, Ayutthaya. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phramaha Somjin Sammapanno, Voice-Rector for Academic Affairs was the Chairperson to open the training and give a homily by delivering a speech saying the problem of writing research project proposal framework being that the research students didnt have the chance to learn from the department concerned about the thesis / dissertation writing or in spite of having been trained, they couldnt receive the knowledge or understanding as expected and so the arrangement of the training from Buddhist Research Institute is the initial step to make the research students receive the knowledge and understanding about the research work more and more . In this batch of training, there are more than 90 persons of the stuff of teachers, officers and personnel of the university. Phrakhrupaladsuvaatnavajirakhun, Director of Buddhist Research Institute, spoke the success of this batch of training aims to help the trainees who have not applied the research project at university or who have applied not more than once to be able to write draft proposal of research project to apply at the university. The knowledge and academic experience will be imparted by knowledgeable people from both inside and outside of the university. Dr. Punnadhamma Kicapritaparisutthi will be the mainstay to give the academic knowledge and advice throughout the training. The training of research personnel course Research Proposals Writing Project will be continued until June 25, 2551. Note : Daily activities photos attached. Source : Buddhist Research Institute

File : PdM32.tmp.rtf
source : Buddhist Research Institute
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