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Buddhist Leaders' Agreements on 2009 UN Vesak Celebrations in Thailand
Date17/09/2008   Counter : 9623 time
13th September 2009, His Holiness Somdet Phra Buddhajarn, acting Supreme atriarch of Thailand presided over the Opening Ceremony of the First Summit of the International Association of Buddhist Universities & International Academic Seminar on Buddhist Ethics held from 13-15 September at the Upossattha Hall, Main Campus of MCU, Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, Thailand. In this event The Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Dhammakosajarn welcomed 2,500 participants .

12th September, prior to the opening ceremony, the meeting among IOC members was held and there was an agreement that the next UN Vesak to be hosted in Thailand after unconcluded agreements at the IOC meeting in Vietnam during last May. At this meeting the IOC organization should be officially registered at the United Nation.

During the Opening Ceremony in 13 September 2009, members of the Sangha from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University gather together and chanted to bless the country for the peace in Thailand and the world. His Holiness Somdech Phra Buddhajarn has given speeches I was pleased to be participated in this Buddhist Conference today after I had opportunity of attending activities on Vesak Celebration in 2007. Because when we all gather together we will all feel close to each other, and will collaborate think over for the development of the benefits of the world.

the existence of the IABU based on agreement of the Buddhist Countries around the world which proud you all as Buddhist Countries that would extend great benefits to the world. Therefore, gather together of Buddhist Universities and Colleges will contribute greats services to Buddhist Education and that will result exchange of ideas among each others in accordance with Buddhas teachings 2,500 years ago. Buddhist followers are Brothers and Sisters. So they should help each other. It is a pride for Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya, as Thailand is the hosted country. When Buddhist leaders gether together there will be able to heal the worlds problem with wisdom and knowledge gained from the conference despite they are from different country, but all are Buddhist followers.

He added that the gathering of Buddhist Leaders will result love, collaboratioins regardless of differences and cultural background, but when all come to gether, will have a better understanding among each other, creating peaceful mental. Therefore, the gathering of Buddhists leaders will help educating in a deeper sense in creating stability impart those knowledge to the world.

The first Summit of the international Association of Buddhist Universities & International Academic Seminar on Buddhist Ethics held from 13-15 September, there are over 116 Buddhist Universities from 30 countries attending the conference and 600 from foreigners and scholars. At this conference participants were able to see new campus of MCU.

source : information technology Division
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