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University News
A meeting to reform the educational strategies of IMAP
Date25/10/2012   Counter : 4337 time


         On 23rd October, 2555/2012, there was a meeting on forming the educational strategies of IMAP which leaded by Phrakhrupalad Suvathanavachirakhun, Vice-rector for Foreign Affairs at room No. 205, MCU building, Bangkok. There was Phra Sithawatchamethi, the director of IMAP as the documentary supporter. The main points of this meeting can be summed up as follows:  To solve the problems of students while doing theses  to finish in the period of study, it should be formed the clinic for thesis, more lecturers of the course should be added, making a new plan and develop the course to be international programme, always training the office personnel, personnel exchange to foreign countries, improving language for being skillful of students before class begins, suitably setting plan A (doing thesis) and B (doing research paper) of learning, firstly doing thesis with their own language then doing the article with the English.


Some students of MCU aren’t aware of the university regulations properly. Even many students enrolled for the course yearly only few of them are graduated.  Their behaviors in the university premise and academic activities aren’t in satisfaction level.  They should be enlightened in the university regulations especially in the orientation.   

            On this occasion, there were administrative, lecturers, and staff of MCU also participated to this meeting.

source : International Relations Division
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